Welcome to AmeriSleep Diagnostics, San Diego’s leader in outpatient diagnostic sleep testing.  AmeriSleep Diagnostics has facility based and in-home testing options available serving the greater San Diego region.   AmeriSleep Diagnostics has earned an outstanding reputation for providing the highest quality sleep testing services, specialized and exceptional service, and award winning facilities.  Our experienced staff of certified sleep technologists, respiratory therapists and support personnel are committed to providing the most accurate, safe ,timely and caring sleep services.


At AmeriSleep Diagnostics we are equipped to provide a full spectrum of diagnostic studies to evaluate snoring and sleep apnea, narcolepsy, restless legs, and other sleep disorders. Our custom built sleep center was designed with the patient in mind.  Each room is like a high quality hotel with queen size beds, flat screen TV's's, cable and are accompanied by a comfortable lounge to enjoy your morning coffee or juice.



Amerisleep Diagnostics offers the following sleep studies:

  • Polysomnography
  • Home Sleep Test (HST)
  • CPAP Titration
  • Bi-Pap Titration
  • Adapto Servo Ventilation (ASV)
  • Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT)


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The AmeriSleep Diagnostics Difference


AmeriSleep Diagnostics is a comprehensive sleep disorder clinic.  Our sleep doctors are experienced in eliminating sleep disorders with both traditional and new/innovative solutions.  Our physicians and staff take the time to review, educate, and develop customized treatment plans for each patient.

At Amerisleep Diagnostics  we believe we must earn your business.  Because the diagnosis and management of sleep and sleep disorders is a ongoing process our focus is on building long term relationships with our patients.   We aim to do this by following a few core objectives.

Designated  Contact

At AmeriSleep Diagnostics we believe it is important for you to have someone that can answer all your questions, not just take a message.  For this reason we assign each patient a case manager. This person will be the primary point of contact for the entire patient cycle with AmeriSleep Diagnostics. 


We believe that a more informed patient leads to better choices, and ultimately more successful outcomes.  Education regarding sleep disorders does not begin at initial consultation and end with diagnosis.  We believe education must continue well beyond initial visit and diagnosis.  By educating on a continued basis together we can achieve the best long term management of sleep and sleep disorders

Comprehensive Approach

At AmeriSleep Diagnostics we have assembled a diverse panel of sleep physicians each with different core specialties. Sleep and sleep disorders are very complex in nature and require a comprehensive approach to how we review, diagnose and treat sleep and sleep disorders.  



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